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Utveksling til Polen

 2IB hadde en flott tur til Krakow i mars 2018. Teksten er skrevet av noen av IB-elevene.

Norske og polske elever samlet på utflukt til Kosciuszko Mound - Klikk for stort bildeNorske og polske elever samlet på utflukt til Kosciuszko MoundLærerne Linn, Bart og Ann-Elisabeth - Klikk for stort bildeLærerne Linn, Bart og Ann-Elisabeth Linn Thu Knutsen

 From Monday March 19th to Saturday March 24th 2018, our 2IB class was in Kraków, Poland for a joint exchange program named ‘’Making Goodness Makes You A Better Person’’ with VIII Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące.

The students were subdivided into small groups of both Polish and Norwegian students, within two big groups. Every group was given a certain task, which implied imagining a charity event, ranging from helping animals to taking care of elderly people. They thus had to present their ideas. The projects were a success.

The exchange program was not just about schoolwork. Our 2IB students were hosted by the Polish students and have thus experienced Polish lifestyle, becoming acquainted with Polish culture, tradition and tourist attractions of Kraków, such as Wieliczka salt mine and Mount Kosciuszko.

However, the most essential element was being able to socialize and make friends with students from another cultural background and gain insight of new ways of thinking, communicating, cooperating, caring and management.

The 2IB class had a great time and has enjoyed this extraordinary experience.

The trip was a success and we look forward to greet the Polish exchange students here in Norway later this year..


With our deepest love and friendship,


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